Sunday, August 21, 2011

30 Years Ago . . . Today

So last night was my 30th class reunion. When the class graduated, there were about 230 people marching for their diplomas.

We had  44 classmates and 23 guests sign up, and a few people dropped in, for a total of around 70-75 people for our big evening.

The event was held at the Kyle House in Fincastle. This is an old structure that once was a grocery store. It is now used for weddings, reunions, and other events.

The food was catered appetizers consisting of some fish things, BBQ biscuits, cheeses, crackers, spinach dip, etc.

This will be my favorite picture from the evening, I think. Not because I am in it (I'm the one in the pink) but because all of us went to Breckinridge Elementary School together. So we have known each other since we were small children. From left: Alan, Chris, Ramona, Me, Kathy, and Ann.

This is Ann. We talked a lot about our days in the rock band, Almost Famous, and our misadventures.

Ramona. I was quite impressed with how wonderful she looked. I give her many thumbs up for making positive changes in her life.

Donna and I shared a few adventures in high school, too.

Greetings at the door.

Gale (in black) saying hello to Ramona.

The memory table featured the yearbooks, a copy of The Interloper, which was a school paper of sorts, somebody's report cards, photos, etc.

We went outside to take a picture. Originally they wanted us on this balcony but some of us worried that we'd end up crashing it to the ground if we all gathered on it. Not wanting to die or be injured, we insisted on moving the photo op to the courtyard below.

This was accomplished via a circular staircase at the rear. I did not get a group picture but am hoping to steal one from someone's Facebook page later.

Our classmates who have passed on. There are 8 that we know of.

The event was very nice. I behaved myself, except for dancing. Greg wanted to dance and no one was dancing with him, so I did. The only thing is, I can't dance. I look a bit like Elaine from Friends when I dance. This has immediately gone onto my bucket list as something I want to do - learn to dance.

It was a nice time. I was home by 10 p.m. I hope to keep in touch with a few of these old friends. Back to the present day now.


  1. great recap good seeing you

  2. So glad you had a good time at your reunion. You had a large class. My class was much smaller and we've been unable to get enough people interested to have a reunion.

  3. what a fun evening and a beautiful memorial set up for those classmates who passed.

  4. It was fun reading about your reunion, Anita. You were very brave to get out there and dance. I generally can dance in front of others only after a couple of beers. :-)

    A very nice idea to remember your classmates who have passed on...


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