Wednesday, August 24, 2011

11 Years

Eleven years ago today, August 24, my mother died. She was 56 years old. I am 48 years old. She was not old at all.

Regular readers know she passed away from pancreatic cancer. It is a terrible disease, and I'm sorry to say, one that took my husband's aunt in January of this year.

This is my mother. The picture was taken on my wedding day, and this is pretty much how I remember her. Dark hair, lovely, all made-up and ready to take on the world. My grandfather always said she looked like Elizabeth Taylor.

My mother gave me irises when I built my house. She told me when she dying she would send me something orange so I would believe in the afterlife, and she did.

She could curse like a sailor, my mom, and she could yell loud enough to make bees freeze in midair. She would go on the warpath and we'd all know we'd best get to doing something.

Mom taught me to act like a lady when it counted, and to always wear good underwear. And to never go out in public without my makeup.

My mother could sing. She could paint, sew, and dance. She could cook anything out of nothing and make it taste good, too.

Some days I miss her.

You can read more about my mother at this entry, if you like.

Thanks for reading.


  1. oh anita, i'm so're mom looked beautiful on your wedding day and sounds like she was a person i'd love to have known. tell more about what she sent you in orange!

  2. Funny how we can't get away from anniversaries, isn't it? I read that a study showed that dogs would act morose on the anniversary of the death of their long term owners. Our bodies remember so many things. I love that picture of your mom. Great lessons she taught you!

  3. She does look like Elizabeth Taylor!

    I need to know--what did she send you that was orange?!

  4. Deb & Tanya, she sent me an orange rose around my birthday the following year.

  5. Your mom sounds like she was quite a lady, and a great mom too.


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