Saturday, July 02, 2011

Visiting the Dead

When the relatives were in back in June, we visited two cemeteries in Fincastle.

They are old cemeteries and the history buffs among us enjoy walking through the gravestones and reading them.

Godwin Cemetery is at Fincastle Methodist Church. Many of our relatives, including my husband's father and his grandparents, rest in this graveyard. The other cemetery is located at Fincastle Presbyterian Church. This cemetery has Revolutionary War heroes buried in it.

While wandering cemeteries may seem ghoulish, it is a great way to learn history and take a peek into the culture of a time long passed. I highly recommend it.

Monuments at Godwin.


More monuments at Godwin.


Fincastle Methodist Church in the background.

I reckon I'll spend eternity near that tree trunk up there on the upper left. This is also Godwin.

Some of the best views in the area can be found from atop the hill at Godwin Cemetery.

Crypts at Fincastle Presbyterian cemetery.

The interesting stone of Robert Figgat. Regular readers might remember I wrote about Nanny Figgat a few weeks ago.
This is a monument for George Neville, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Botetourt, who died at age 33.

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  1. Beautiful grave markers. I recently visited some cemeteries in Arkansas looking for some of my husbands relatives. It was a neat experience.

    Have you heard of People, like yourself, visit local cemeteries and take photos of markers that people are looking for, usually for genealogies. Check it out, might be something you would be interested in doing!


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