Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Today I offer up a list of my favorite sounds.
My husband. Ain't he a cutie?
1. My husband's voice. Actually, pretty much any voice of a loved one, including my friends.

2. The opening lines to American Pie (and the rest of the song as well) by Don McLean. Here's a link to the song on youtube. Have a listen.

3. Birds chirping. They are the original twitterers and can't be beat.

4. "You've Got Mail" in my inbox.

5. The whistle from a train on a still summer night.

6. Night noises, such as crickets and peepers. Here's a nice video of night noises, well, except for the coyotes howling in it. Although they're interesting to hear.

7. The ocean lapping the beach.

8. The rhythm of a train as it rushes down the tracks. Yes, I like trains.

9. The satisfying thunk of a knife slicing into a ripe, red watermelon.

10. The fizz of a soda pop when you twist the bottle top.

11. The absolute silence of the house when no one but me is at home.

12. Water gurgling along the rocks at the creek.

13. My husband's heart beat. Yes, I like him, too.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 199th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. Great list. I had no idea what the absence of man-made sound was until I moved here to the edge of the universe from the big, bad clanking and banging inner city. Ahhhhh.

  2. This is such a nice list... very heartfelt.


  3. I have never heard you got mail Whom do you have ??

  4. Awww....#13 is just so sweet!!!

  5. I enjoy many of these same sounds. I love listening to the wind soughing through the trees on a warm summer's day, the sound of water (except for a slow, steady annoying drip), the quiet of our building when all the neighbors are gone, almost any kind of music (except when all you can hear is a dull, thudding bass--that just gives me a headache), thunderstorms and falling rain... Great T13!

  6. What a lovely list! I could use some water gurgling through rocks right about now...

    Happy T13,

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  7. I haven't heard "you've got mail" in a long time. How funny!

  8. Nice! Love the water gurgling in a creek, American Pie, and the absolute silence in the house (sometimes).

  9. A beautiful list! I immediately agreed with 1 and 13, completely - till I thought I'd best clarify I mean my cute husband, not your cute husband :-) The sounds from nature, especially those of water are so pleasant to me. You did a great list. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Love how you bookended your favorites with your hubby. And I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who still has AOL!

  11. Thank you all for the comments. Yep, I still use AOL. I have had that email addy since 1994, and it is difficult to let it go.

  12. Ditto on the ocean lapping and the sound of silence, for two.

  13. What a great topic. I agree with most of these sounds. I like hearing our puppy bark when she's enjoying herself, the croak of frogs and the patter of rain (when I'm inside in the warm and dry!)


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