Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Praying Mantis

A praying mantis, which is an insect, has taken up residence in my whisky barrel of summer mums.

I see it every time I water, because the water sends it scurrying out of the pot.

There are 2,200 different species of Mantis.

These insects eat other insects. They have been known to eat each other, too.

Can you find the little guy in the picture above?

Here he is!


  1. They are such amazing looking creatures. Love their face and the way they sometimes cock their head from side to side when looking at us.


  2. We once had a praying mantis on our trumpet vine and it held a hummingbird, dead in it's grip! I was shocked.

  3. We always have lots of praying mantis around. I never realized there were so many different types.

  4. they are interesting little bugs and like di said, i think they have such a cute face!

    wow about the hummingbird!

  5. Who knew there were that many variety of mantis? Good pics!


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