Sunday, July 31, 2011

LBHS All-Class Reunion

Last night we attended the first-ever all-class reunion for Lord Botetourt High School.

It was held at Braeloch in Vinton (which is not in Botetourt). I thought it was a very nice event.

We arrived around 6:15, but because my husband had to go to work today, we left around 8 p.m. Things were just starting to get into a grove about the time we headed home.

They had a board where people could put their name under their class. Most of the folks, I noticed, were from the classes of '73 and '74. When I left, there were only seven names under my class (1981) and only five under my husband's (1977).

My brother was one of the people there. He did not put his name up on the board under his year (1984). He's like that.

This is my hubby enjoying the festivities.

Just like in high school, people stood around and did a lot of talking.

Unfortunately, the weather soured and it poured buckets of rain after a time.

Another look at the inside of the pavilion. It is a nice facility.

Even though we did not stay long, and I did not see many people I knew, we had a nice time. I hope they do this again.

Go Big Red! Yay Lord Botetourt!


  1. That really is a nice pavilion!! Sorry about the buckets of rain.... we didn't see any buckets full here, just dribbles.

  2. what a neat idea, an all class reunion! i haven't been to any of mine, my 10 year i had just had my daughter ashlyn and then by my 20 year we had already left the year my baby can attend that all class, can't believe she'll already graduate!
    a beautiful setting that is and i am from the same class as your bro!

  3. Glad you had a good time at your reunion. The pavilion looks like a nice place for such events.

  4. Very nice reunion! Looks like everyone had lots of fun. I like the idea of having it in a pavilion.


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