Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Joys of Living

So in July, the weather goes from 100 degrees to 75 degrees and mighty fine. Is it June weather, or an early Autumn?

I stepped outside yesterday morning to work on my roses. The gardening was fine. I spent a lot of time talking to three garden spiders. They were full of the secrets of the universe. They spun me tales of lives long lived, a time when morals had meaning and life was worth living. They were very smart garden spiders, and I asked them how to make the days better, and they shared a story of webspinning that made my head spin. And then they went on their way.

Our fields are bursting with baby calves and little fawns. The groundhogs are growing fat, too, as they store up for winter.

Yesterday evening we had dinner at Cracker Barrel, and then we ran a few errands. I bought my first Christmas present for the 2011 celebration. I bought two of them, actually.

I am thinking of winter, also. Thinking of cold days and darker nights. Looking ahead, I was, but just for a moment.

For now the birds are singing wildly outside my window. The trees are green and full, lush with sunlight and fragrant earth. The clouds are voluminous, keeping down the heat, and the grocery stores overflow with cherries, peaches, and apples.

Goodness is great. Bounty is nigh. Life is wonderful.


  1. Life is pretty damn wonderful right now. Bring it on autumn and winter... bring it on.

    And why have I not seen many spiders this summer? It's just been an odd year.

  2. This morning was cool and crisp. It felt a little like fall. Summer will return this week however.

  3. NOOOO, I am NOT ready for fall/winter! I just love summer. Saturday was cool enough that I put a hoodie on! And I love seeing those chubby little ground hogs! I do wish people would be more careful while driving, it makes me sad to see one hit on the road :(


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