Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Festival of the Tomato

My husband had been watching the tomatoes on the vine for several days, and had declared Tuesday as the Day of the Tomato.

At lunch, he brought in three juicy, ripe tomatoes. I ditched my diet. "I shall join you in the Festival of the Tomato," I said.

I made sandwiches with mayonnaise, ham, and tomato on white bread.

We both practically danced around the kitchen holding our plates before settling in at the table.

The tomato was still warm from the sun and it blended perfectly with the cold mayo. It was juicy and we both ended up with mayo and tomato on our faces and all over our hands.

There is nothing quite like that first tomato of summer.


  1. I think I have at least two weeks before my first tomato. I'm jealous.

  2. Happy for all you tomato festival people...

    David delights over tomatoes too!


  3. I am not a tomato eater, but my husband is. He would be quite jealous to read of your Tomato Festival, as we have at least a week to go before he can celebrate his own. We have, however, been celebrating the Festival of the Squash for several weeks. :-)

  4. That sounds completely delightful! :-D

  5. Sorry, I got completely excited by the tomatoes, warm sunshine, mayo and dancing... I forgot I was still logged in as my silly kitties, having just come from dealing with "their" blog ~:-)

  6. These are beauties! I would be doing a happy dance over a sandwich with these too!


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