Sunday, April 03, 2011


This morning I found myself pondering the meaning of security. It's an interesting word.

Security can be had in many different ways. There is security of your surroundings, such as when you're locked up in your home. You feel safe because no one can harm you.

There is security in a crowd, perhaps. With many people around, you might feel safe because you are not alone. Someone else, though, might not feel so secure because there are so many people around. Depends on the crowd and your frame of mind, I guess.

Maybe you need to see a policeman in the crowd to feel secure. I think some people would like it if the army patrolled the lands - that might make them feel secure, although it would make me feel afraid.

That brings us to national security, doesn't it. Apparently many people are willing to lose their freedoms in order to feel that they are secure when they fly or otherwise move about. These folks applaud when their pocketbooks are searched at the civic center, when teenagers are stopped and questioned simply because they look suspicious, or when someone who is "other" is profiled on the highway. I guess these people think the bad guys are everywhere and you're guilty until proven otherwise. Our last president established an office of Homeland Security to keep the "mother land" safe. That kind of talk gives me the willies but apparently it makes other people feel more secure.

There is financial security that might come from knowing you have $20 in your pocket - or having $20 million in the bank (don't know the feeling of that one). If you don't feel financially secure, and these days I don't know many people who do, then I suspect you feel quite anxious much of the time. Securities are also things one might purchase in the financial world, a type of investment policy, maybe something like a life insurance policy. Social Security is a program that was put in place to keep people who are older or who might be a little different from the norm from eating dogfood and sleeping in a box under the overpass. Some people don't like for others to have this type of security.

Computer security might come from having a good virus program. Or maybe never plugging the thing into the Internet. That would certainly work!

It important to keep all of your personal data safe these days - it must be secure so that no one can steal your identity or get into your accounts and abscam with your money. This can be kind of tough in a world where evildoers are always trying to hack into things.

Job security, I think, is a thing of the past. Historically, a person could obtain a decent job that they did well and liked, and stay at it for 30 years. Now, people move from place to place and no job is secure. Companies let people go for no reason at all. Just like that, you're out the door.

You might feel secure in your love for your spouse and children, or your god. That might bring a feeling of spiritual security, which I think is something one might strive for. Maybe that is all love security? Perhaps if we have this we don't need the other kinds of security.

I wonder how many people feel secure these days in all parts of their lives. I am betting not too many. How about you? Are you secure, or is there something lacking in some parts of your life?


  1. Oh boy, this is a good one. I have never felt so insecure in my life. I know that's why I want to go home. Nothing has turned out the way it's supposed to. It started with the Evils who attacked us when we lived in Ferrum and though I did what my parents taught me to do, followed the rules and the laws, called law enforcement for help, whatever we expected to happen, the opposite happened. The ones who were supposed to protect us, hurt us as well. Then a couple of years ago we got tricked into helping someone open a flooring store. Put our all into it. Even worked for free. Then, once it was up and running, the guy fired Kurt with no notice at all. We'd been used. It was a shock. (On a good note, that store is now going under.) After that, I lost my mother and the last shred of security that I ever had. You never really think it's going to happen and your mother's going to die. I feel very insecure now. And you're right, it makes me anxious. I worry about everything now.

  2. I remember how quickly Homeland Security entered the public consciousness. TV and Hollywood instantly gave it credibility by making its heroes Homeland Security agents (where once they would have been FBI, like Mulder and Scully). And right from the start it was clear that these agents were above the law, which was presented as a good thing. I remember an early example when the Homeland Security agent chased down a pimply teen and wrestled him to the ground. When the kid tried to protest, the man snarled: "You're a terrorist suspect. You have no rights." I don't know what it was meant to do, but it made me feel very insecure. A good reason not to visit the USA!

  3. I try not to give it much thought. WE just sort of stay in our own little world and not make too many waves. If I fretted about it all the time it would drive me nuts and to be honest, there's nothing Hubby and I can do to change it. The gov't will simply do what they want to do even if it takes them years to accomplish it.



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