Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring at Hollins

My alma mater and current university as I pursue my master's degree is one of the prettiest campuses. I love the blend of nature and older buildings. Even newer structures have class. My favorite times on campus are spring and fall - both are absolutely lovely.

The willow trees along the campus drive near Eastnor.


The Wyndham Robertson Library

The chapel.
The Quad, showing the backside of East and the front of West.
I took this shot from the third floor of Pleasants.
A group of visiting young women took delight in the writings on the chalk kiosk outside of Pleasants.
The creek that runs between the Theater building and the library.


  1. I adore willow trees... the neighbors have one just off to the side of our property. I think we need one or two also.


  2. I have never visited the Hollins campus. It's very pretty.

    I love your new header and colors - so springlike!

  3. I always loved this campus. I need to get out to Roanoke and take some shots as well, always so lovely when the little magnolias start to bloom. :)



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