Friday, March 11, 2011

Books: Wicked Appetite

Wicked Appetite
By Janet Evanovich
Read by Loreli King
Abridged 4 hours
Copyright 2010

This is Stephanie Plum with a little magic. This is apparently a new series line for Evanovich, featuring Diesel. Diesel has been in the Stephanie Plum books a time or two.

He's an unmentionable, which is to say, he has some sort of extraordinary power. He teams up with cupcake queen Lizzie, a displaced Virginian who lives in Salem, MA. She's also an unmentionable, only she didn't know it.

This book offers up a few spells, a crazy monkey, a one-eyed cat, and a villain named Wulf. The heroine is not Stephanie Plum, exactly, but she is not far off. After all, why stray from the formula?

If you like Evanovich, then for sure pick this book up. If you are a little tired of her, move on. I suggest this book for a fast rainy day read.

A note on the reader, since this is an audio book. I enjoy Loreli King's readings of the Stephanie Plum books. She has a great reading voice and does nice characterizations. However, I was unimpressed with her attempts at a Virginia accent. Maybe that is because I have a solid and noticeable Virginia accent. At any rate, I think a different reader, one who did not bring to mind the Stephanie Plum series, would have better served the book.

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