Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Unmelting Snow

This patch of snow has been on the ground since it snowed December 17.

The old folks say this snow is "laying around waiting on some more." I don't know about that but it is in no hurry to leave.

It is a chunk of ice now, of course, not snow, what with melting and refreezing. The patch gets a little late evening sun but apparently not enough to make it disappear. It does grow a bit smaller with time.

When the hollows keep snow in them, something's up with the weather, that's for sure.

However, I am thinking spring is not far off. The world looks just a little less dreary out my window, even though I see nothing growing or blooming. Still, there's a thin tinge of green, nearly invisible, that makes the grass and trees more vibrant.

I looked closely at a few trees and could see the life in them. There's something there, waiting, and it will soon come forth in great abundance.

Even if we are in a little drought.

One thing about living on a farm - the change in the seasons has a real meaning other than a change in wardrobe. I see it all the time in the way the fields grow and change, the difference in the horizons as the trees leaf out, the way the cows move about, and how the deer roam. There are also many changes in my husband's routine as he goes from having to feed the cows a role of hay to allowing them roam to graze on the emerald grass. And then he has to cut the hay to prepare for the upcoming winter. It's nonstop.

Soon, I will plant our small garden, filling it with tomato plants, beans, and kale. It's a small plot and while sometimes I stuff it so full one cannot walk among the rows, this year, thanks to my school schedule and the tennis elbow issue, I am thinking it will not offer up a great bounty simply because I won't plant as much.

But I am anxious to get out and plant seed. Sounds like it is time for another experiment with seedlings. I've tried this several times and always fail but perhaps this will be the year I succeed.

I should not wish my life away, but I really am ready for Spring.


  1. Yes, the buds on the trees are swollen, even if the snow around the trees is 3 feet deep. I, too, am longing for garden time.

  2. I have been longing for spring, too. I've managed to kill every seedling I started indoors when I transplant them. Even though I harden them off, they die out in the garden. I think they just hate my soil?

  3. I keep looking for little signs of spring, but haven't seen anything yet. It won't be long though.


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