Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do It In Style

Colleen over at Loose Leaf Notes very kindly awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. She writes from Floyd County and has one of the best blogs in the area.

I am always very honored when people think enough of my blog to link to it or mention it on their own blogs in some fashion or another. It is the highest compliment.

Apparently I am to list seven things that contribute to my personal style. So here we go.

1. I'm eclectic reader and if it's written down, I likely will look at.

2. I've been up in a hot air balloon and buzzed Botetourt from a small airplane. I will sometimes try something even if it scares the beejesus out of me.

3. When I was about 10 years old, I looked up from the local newspaper I was reading and informed my mother that one day I would write for said newspaper. And do it better. And I did.

4. Jack of all trades, master of none. That seems to be my lifestyle. I know a lot about a great many things, and have done a good deal, but, aside from writing, I've mastered very little.

5. When I was in elementary school, I thought I'd go for my Ph.D. I'm still working on that. Even when I am not back at college, I am a student of learning.

6. Blue jeans with a t-shirt has always been my favorite outfit. It still is.

7. Sometimes I still bite my fingernails. I will go for months and not touch them, and then wham, there they are. Back in my mouth.


If you would like this award, please feel free to take it. If you're reading my blog, obviously you're stylish, too!

In the meantime, I will pass this along to a few of my favorites. Colleen's blog would be on this list if she hadn't sent me the award!

The Blue Ridge Gal is another local blogger whose work I enjoy. I don't think she accepts awards, but go check her out if you haven't. She puts up photos and video and changes her blog look about as often I change my clothes!

Lenora over at Journal of Days offers up a unique way to look at your world: a daily diary in three sentences. I love it!

Writers might want to check out Peevish Pen; Becky takes on writing spammers and reminds us of the simpler life on the farm.

If you haven't seen Shenandoah Gateway Farm, check it out for an interesting look at farming and working in a library.

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  1. Congratulations! Your blog is one of a handful that I read almost daily.

    And thank you for thinking that I also deserve an award.


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