Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Eye Exam

I can hardly see to write this, what with my eyes dilated and all.

This was my fourth eye exam in a year, though only the second one that included a full comprehensive examination.

Yet another new prescription for eye glass lenses. This will be the fifth one since January 2010. I can only pray that this time I will be able to see.

And all of this because my eye doctor retired! Didn't he know he was supposed to keep working?

It's tough being half blind, I tell you. Expensive too. The cost of these lenses runs in the hundreds.

It'll be worth it if I can only see well again.

Not seeing well has affected me in many ways. Have you noticed I haven't been posting as many pictures? This is why. I can't see well enough to use the camera.

I'm not reading as much because my eyes tire easily. I had wanted to return to creating counted cross stitch pieces but found I simply can't see well enough to do it (this is with my glasses on).  I can't thread the needle.

Hopefully this new doctor and new lenses prescription will do the trick.


  1. Sorry to hear about your frustration with glasses. It's hard to adjust even when the RX is a little bit off. We go to Dr. Jessup in Vinton and our glasses have always worked out fine.

  2. Oh my, you are having quite a time with your eyes. Hope your new doctor can give you a prescription that works.

  3. Jeez.... so sorry to hear this. Wonder what the heck is going on with your eyes and why they can't get the prescription correct. What doctor are you seeing anyway?


  4. I'm so sorry to hear this. Hopefully things will improve quickly! What are they saying is wrong...or is it just that new doctors can't get things right?

  5. June - I the the other doctors just can't get it right. I have switched to a different doctor. Hopefully that will help.

    Di - I am not saying online who the doctors were because I am nice, but I just switched to Vistar in hopes of alleviating the problem.

  6. Sis,

    I hope you get this straightened out. If you can't see it's gonna be hard for you to write this blog which I enjoy reading everyday!!! (Of course on the other hand, you might just be getting OLD!!!!)

    Love ya!


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