Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice & Snow

I woke about 3 a.m. and saw out the window that the ground was white. Daybreak showed that we had a small accumulation of ice and snow.

It is just past noon as I write this and the snow and ice have vanished. While I am not fond of the brown grass, I prefer that to the ice and snow, I think.

A fog lays across the mountains, a white mist veiling the Blue Ridge that I love. Deer graze in the field beyond my window, a small herd of does. They munch without looking up and I wonder if they are hungry.

My office clock ticks steadily, a rhythmic reminder of the passage of time as I stare and daydream and do not work on the bookkeeping and end-of-year tax information that I have scheduled for this day. Work, work, work - that's its charge. I wonder why I don't hear "play play play."

I an anxious for green, for shoots of hycianth and yellow forsynthia and the trumpet of daffodils. I yearn for the healthy color of emerald in the stalks of my roses and the delicate unfolding of the leaves of the oak tree. I ache for the jade sea of alfalfa as it reaches for a June sun.

I have had too much of winter. The chill has moved in and taken hold. O Time march on, and bring me a bright Spring day.


  1. You eloquently expressed my desire for spring to hurry up and make its appearance. We just had a very light coating of ice which was gone shortly after daybreak.


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