Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Squirrel and the Bench

A while back my husband left his "shooting bench" in the backyard. (A shooting bench is what he uses to site in his rifles so that they hit their target.) For some reason, this fascinated one of the squirrels in the backyard.


  1. At first I thought he was just inquisitive, but then saw he was definitely after a meal :-)

    What program do you use to edit video? It looks like you might have stitched different segments together...quite nicely I might add...and need to learn to do that.

  2. Animals get so inquisitive with anything new in their territory. Our dogs give a boof even if it's just a neighbor's flatbed trailer parked where it wasn't parked the day before.

    He's quite the snoopy squirrel!

    (National Geographic look out! Here comes Anita!!)

  3. Lol! Your video had my 7 year old giggling his head off. I wonder what those squirrels find so interesting? I loved the music you used, it was perfect!

  4. Thank you for your comments! June, I am using Windows Movie Maker, which is free from Microsoft.

    Di, I don't think National Geographic has a thing to worry about! LOL.

    SF, I have no idea what the squirrel liked. He seemed to be eating something but when I looked all I could see was wood.

  5. I love your video. We don't have many squirrels around the house this year. I think my cats have convinced them to go elsewhere.

  6. That was a charming video--and I haven't noticed any squirrels with white noses like "Silly Squirrel". The ones here love to eat our fencing and the blue bird houses along the fence---salt? Thanks, Anita!


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