Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Muzzleloader Kill

If you don't like deer trophy kill photos, please stop reading here. Otherwise, scroll down for the photo and story.

My husband shot this nice 8-point buck yesterday evening with the muzzleloader. He was happy. He enjoys hunting and it serves several purposes. For one thing, it helps with the deer population, which is huge. So many deer are very hard on the hay and other crops. We also eat the meat so it helps with the grocery bill. And deer meat is better for you than beef - not as much fat, etc. And since he likes to do it and finds pleasure in it, that in and of itself has its own worth and I would never begrudge him that even if I am not an enthusiastic hunting fan.


  1. He's a real beauty!! All the men in my family are big hunters. Haven't had that much luck yet this year, though. My Dad got a rather large doe yesterday that we'll be putting in the freezer for eating this winter. I'd rather he got a turkey, but I'll take what I can get!



  2. Very nice! My husband nor I hunt, but our 17 year old daughter does. We made sure she took the hunter safety courses offered by the county last year and that she carries her permit. We have a lot of respect for those who honor the sport and are careful hunters.

  3. Yay for my favorite Brother-in-Law!!! Way to go!!


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