Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lamp

The other day my husband brought home this lamp:

His mother gave it to him. But he had given to her when he was a young teenager. He made this lamp in shop class. It is shaped like a well. The handle beneath the shade turns the light off and on.

The shade was pretty old.

So yesterday I went to Target and I purchased this new shade.

I use a lamp on this table in the living room because this is where I read and sometimes play the guitar. The table is next to my rocking chair.

This is where I put my husband's lamp. It gives off a bit more light than what I had there, which makes me very happy. The older I get the blinder I seem to be. Plus, he made it so that makes it a pretty special lamp.

My husband hasn't seen his lamp yet, with its new shade and new location. I hope he likes it.


  1. My husband made a lamp exactly like that when he took shop class many years ago.

  2. What a difference a shade makes! I'm sure your hubby will like it a lot! You can never have too many lamps in a house, especially come the winter months.



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