Monday, September 06, 2010

Idyllic Morning Part 2 (Photos)

I looked out the kitchen window to see a dozen wild turkeys roaming across the driveway and then travel the length of my house.

I cautiously raised the camera, surprised to see a turkey pass before the lens and near the does.

I had scarcely settled myself on the picnic table when the does came back into the field from the woods.

A small spiked stag following in her wake. He posed for me, the sun slashing half of his face, before disappearing into the pine growth.


A squirrel scurried up an oak, his path wild and noisy.
For the folks wanted to see the photos of yesterday (Sunday) morning.


  1. For all that I love (and literally, need) to live in a city or town, I envy your closeness to, and attachment to, the world as it truly ought to be.

  2. Good sized turkey... and that stag looks very curious at you taking his photo.

    Thanks for sharing these pics!


  3. Thanks for posting pictures! They're wonderful.

  4. I was hoping you were going to show us what you told us!!!! Love 'em...

  5. Wonderful pictures, Anita! The turkeys and the squirrel look really big---it must have been a very good year for them. :-)

    I enjoyed your word pictures, too, in the preceding post.

  6. you're like snow white with all your animal friends! great pictures, very idyllic morning!

  7. Love the pictures! We don't have any turkeys in the immediate area, but do have deer and squirrels. I love to watch the wildlife.


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