Monday, September 27, 2010

Clean at Last

Earlier this month, I noted that my desk looked like this:

The papers were piled high and stuff was scattered everywhere.

But now it looks like this!

Much nicer, wouldn't you say?


And here's a view of my entire work station. Let me point out a few little things.

To the far left at the window, you'll see a pair of binoculars. I use those to watch deer, turkey, squirrels, etc.

In the front in the plastic tub, you'll see a little black metronome. I use this for breathing exercises that are supposed to help control my blood pressure.

The mirror on the far right is a recent addition. A book I read recently recommended a mirror to reflect the door and change the energy in the room if you sit with your back to the door. I'll let you know if it helps.

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  1. Amazing how the old "File 13" can clean up and office!! Ineed to do mine as well!!


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