Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I do when I am home alone!

1. Sing. I do not have the worst voice in the world but I can crack a bad note on occasion. My favorite song to sing when I am alone is The Lion Sleeps Tonight. I really like the high parts.

2. Take pictures. Most of my shots are outside the windows, where I roam from view to view. Sometimes I just slither from space to space, looking to see if there is anything different to see.

3. Write. I prefer to be alone with my thoughts when I am writing, whether it be a blog entry like this one, journaling, or an article for publication.

4. Read. I also like to be alone with I read, not because I am reading anything bad but because I don't interrupt myself. Plus it is like taking a little mini-vacation.

5. Exercise. I like to exercise when no one is around because I prefer to do it in my PJs. Plus I don't want anyone to watch my fat bounce.

6. Play video games. It is not that my husband minds if I play video games; it is that I think he does. I prefer to do this when he is not around. Otherwise I feel like I should be doing something else. At the moment I am playing The Sims 3. I am bored with it but too cheap to buy another video game.

7. Research. When I am looking up facts, I want peace and quiet!

8. Chores. This should be higher on the list because I am very good about doing my chores first and anything that seems pleasurable last. Chores include things like laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, watering the flowers, gardening, painting the walls, etc.

9. Eat. I tend to eat more when I am home alone. This is a very bad thing and a good reason for me NOT to be alone too much.

10. Pace the floor. Sometimes when I am home alone, I wander back and forth and up and down the hallway. This is particularly true if I am writing something and can't get the words to flow.

11. Talk to myself. Sometimes I even answer myself and I understand that is not a good thing to admit at all. However, I have been known to carry on entire conversations, acting as all parties, sometimes to good advantage. Sometimes I have even made myself fall down laughing.

12. Stare out the window. This is akin to pacing the halls or looking for photos, I suppose, but sometimes I just look out the window to look out the window. I am not really seeing what is out there but my mind is going round and round, computing things or puzzling over something. My husband says I never stop thinking.

13. Play the guitar. This is something that I don't do often enough and should do more frequently. I started playing the guitar when I was 12 and have never stopped but sometimes I go months without picking it up. I am rusty though on occasion I can still get some decent sounds out of the thing.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people. You can read other folks' lists here. This is my 151st time to play.


  1. Great list. I often pace when I'm writing, too. It really does help. You are very disciplined in doing your chores first. I'm afraid I sometimes use some of the other activities you've listed as excuses to avoid my chores. :-)

  2. My husband is a pacer.. sometimes I just have to tell him to sit down and STOP IT!!! Makes me crazy with all that nervous energy and constant brain waves going on. think think think think... wish he'd learn to relax.



  3. All of us need a little alone time to decompress. I wish my kids understood that!

  4. You just outlined a good chunk of my day.

  5. I dance and try on clothes, flip around on the remote. My dad used to pace and I often find myself remembering and wondering how it feels.

  6. This is a great list! I like to turn on music and sing and reading is always something I do best when alone. Happy Thursday!

  7. I could say almost all of those except playing the guitar. Great list! I need some alone time!

  8. My husband works from home, so I don't get a lot of alone time. I love singing in my van, though! And there's something about being alone in the house that makes doing chores easier for some reason.

  9. I cherish my alone time. That's why I get up at 4:30. Guaranteed time uninterrupted :)

  10. sometimes I just look out the window to look out the window. I am not really seeing what is out there but my mind is going round and round, computing things or puzzling over something.

    I'm certain most writers would tell you they do this, too - I know I do.


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