Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #150

In absolutely random order, 13 people I know.

1. My nephew, Emory, and his new guitar. He and his ol' aunt (that's me) went out yesterday to make this purchase.  Emory is a student at University of South Carolina, where he is majoring in Biology. He plans to be a trauma surgeon.

2. My friend Amy, who now lives in North Carolina. She used to be my editor when I was writing for The New Castle Record. She moved away from the writing business and became a librarian, which was a very smart move on her part. She recently dropped by for a visit; I hadn't seen her in years and it was nice to catch up.

3. My nephew, Trey. He is a big wrestler at his high school. He also likes to hunt and is being groomed to take over his grandfather's business someday (currently his father, that is, my brother, is running the operation).

4. This is Rena, who works at the Fincastle Library. She is an avid genealogist and an interesting person to talk to.

5. This is Steve, the library director for the county. I serve on the Botetourt County Library Board of Trustees and so we have a working relationship. I have known him ever since he came to be the library director, which was back in 1985. He is a very nice guy.

6. Meet Ed. He is the editor of The Fincastle Herald, the newspaper I was writing a lot for up until the recession. I have known Ed since he came to the county in 1984 and have been writing off and on for The Fincastle Herald ever since then, too. Maybe right now I'm just in an "off" phase, eh? Ed worked with me to hone my writing talent and taught me how to put some of "me" into my stories so that they have a little personality.

7. My friend Leslie is a lovely lady who has listened to me complain and whine about things since 1983, when I went to work for a lawyer she worked for at the time. Though I left there in 1985 (and she's since moved on to a different job, too) we have remained friends. We have lunch together at least once a month and annually make a trek up to the Green Valley Book Fair in northern Virginia.

8. Gwen is running for the Board of Supervisors this year. She is the manager of the local family orchard and packing house. We have been friends since about 1993.

9. This is James. He is my husband. We met in October 1982, married in November 1983, built our home we live in in 1987. He is a Battalion Chief with the Roanoke City Fire-EMS Department. I am very proud of him.

10. This is my nephew, Chris. He likes to hunt, fish, farm, and drive pickup trucks. He's a crackerjack.

11. This is Amanda (left) and myself (don't look!). Amanda is a professor at Hollins University and a famous author. This picture was taken a few years ago. I had Amanda for several classes when I was working on my Masters of Liberal Arts Degree at Hollins.

12. This is Lanetta. She is my next door neighbor. She is retired and she runs a cattle farm. She also used to be an athletics professor at Hollins University.  She has been inducted into the UR Athletic Hall of Fame, the Virginia Lacrosse Hall of Fame, the U.S. Lacrosse Hall of Fame, and the Hollins Athletic Hall of Fame.

13. This is my niece, Zoe. She participates in beauty pageants and just this weekend won the title of Ecusa National 2010-2011 Ultimate Grand Supreme. I confess I have no idea what that is, but there you go.

Thursday 13 is played by lots of people and you can see more folks' lists here. This is my 150th time to play.


  1. What a great way to honor the people you care about! Great post.
    Happy Thursday 13.

  2. Wonderful list of friends and loved ones.

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. Great list - lovely to meet your family and friends.

  4. Lanetta, he next door neighbor, makes me happy! I am far removed from my days of lacrosse, but just hearing the word makes me smile.

    Thanks for introducing us to some of the most important people in your life!

    (Your niece is definitely beautiful!)

  5. What amazes me is that you got all those people to sit still long enough to get their pictures taken.

  6. That Zoe is a real cutie...

    Hope the shoulder is doing a little better each day!


  7. Great post! Your niece is really cute ^_^

  8. It's so nice to see the faces of everyday poeple from all walks of life and all ages. You are rich in nephews.

  9. Its always fun seeing the faces of those you hold near and dear to you heart. THanks for sharing. Happy Belated T13!


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