Friday, August 06, 2010

Books: The Grilling Season

The Grilling Season
by Diane Mott Davidson
Performed by Cherry Jones
Copyright 1997
Abridged 360 minutes

I have a friend who really likes these Goldy the cook solves the mystery and saves the day books. They are okay but I am not that into recipes and cooking. I find those parts to be very boring, but I understand I am not normal in that respect.

In this book, Goldy's ex-husband has been charged with murder. Since he used to beat Goldy she is not unhappy about this, but her son, Art, wants his father cleared of the charges and begs his mother to help his dad. Goldy reluctantly begins making a few inquiries.

Some parts of this book bothered me; I don't like it when men beat up on women simply for the sake of beating up on somebody. Perhaps this is why I am not a big fan of this series, because in the couple of books I have read Goldy almost always ends up getting hit or hurt by someone and the violence seems a little gratuitous instead of being something that forwards the plot. But perhaps I am simply oversensitive to this issue.

Not a bad book, but I am glad I listened to it by checking it out of the library.


  1. I don't think you can be *over* sensitive to that issue.

  2. One cannot be too sensitive to acts of violence, gratuitous or otherwise. You're just paying attention to what your heart knows to be true.


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