Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

I am one of those people who often ask the odd questions; my mother called me a "why" child, because once I learned the word I never stopped wondering. Here are few odd things that have crossed my mind lately:

1. If a mouse is on a train, does he experience any sensation of traveling while he's roaming around down at my feet? Could he get motion sickness?

2. Do animals favor a paw? As in, are they left-hooved or left-pawed? Does mother deer tell Bambi, "Now, son, step out with your right hoof, not your left."?

 (Mother deer with suckling fawn!)

3. If I only read a book half way, or maybe just don't read the last page, does that mean that for me the story never ends?

4. If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound - I say yes, even if a human isn't around. Because the noise exists whether I hear it or not. But I cannot prove this.

5. How does Teflon stick to my new loaf bread pans?

6. Why do they call it a #2 pencil?

7. How come I can never see the light turn into darkness when I am sitting outside watching the sunset?

8. Why do fireflies remind me of fairies every time I see them?

9. Why does well water keep my vegetable plants alive, but rain makes them thrive?

10. Why must I always question everything? Why? Why? Why?

11. If I have already fulfilled my purpose in life, how would I know it?

12. If I am wasting time, who's definition matters? If I enjoy reading a book, or playing a video game, or surfing the Internet, why is that wasting time? Shouldn't I get to define it?

13. Where is the soul, what is it, how does one see it, feel it, know it is there?

There you go. I have a busy, zany mind; welcome to a small piece of my world.

Thursday Thirteen is played by many people and you can meet more TT players here. This is my 146th time to play and if you don't believe me you can look here and read them all.


  1. Great list! All are worthy "why's". My mom and I just commented on the fact of #9 this week.

  2. Re the #2 pencil: This will tell you more than you want to know:

    Re animal handedness (pawedness?) I've noticed some of my critters prefer using one paw over the other. And horses have a preference for either the left or right lead (determined by which hoof they use to begin a canter or gallop).

    Re the soul: It's "weight" has been measured:

  3. Sorry to not comment for a while---Benjamin's been in the hospital with a fractured vertebra and Ariel's been quite sick with mono.

    Great list, Anita. I think that a busy mind is a wonderful thing. All the most interesting people I've known have had curious and inquisitive natures. After all, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. :-)

  4. I used to go nuts if I didn't finish reading a book all the way to the end because for me the story really didn't end. Then I read enough to see where bad books went and could easily supply the end myself. Now I only finish reading about two thirds of what I pick up. Much of the rest never even gets through the first chapter.

  5. I don't know about deer, but dogs and cats are definitely either right or left pawwed. My cat was a lefty.

    Happy 4th, Anita!

  6. Life would be so dull if no one asked why. We'd still be living in caves and eating cold berries.

  7. From one Why girl to another, I love your Whys and it's just part of the curious and curiouser folk that we are, my friend. I have driven myself crazy w/ my whys periodically to the extent that in my last home, I stenciled on the wall "Let the Mystery Be" (a song title by Iris DeMent). Once in awhile, I let the mystery be, but usually I want to know the answer! Keep asking..keep wonderin'!


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