Monday, July 12, 2010

Not a Yellow Squash

I do not know what this is, but it is not a yellow squash.

It is supposed to be a yellow squash. That is what I planted. But this is what has grown. It is some kind of squash... but what?

I do not have a single yellow squash growing, but I do have these things. Any ideas as to what this is?


  1. I have no idea, but it sure is interesting looking. One of my zuchinni squash plants had two white zuchinni squash this year. All the rest were normal green.

  2. I'm not sure either. I know it isn't butternut. Maybe acorn?

  3. That's so funny! Looks like a yellow squash cross pollinated with a watermelon. We've had strange cross pollinated veggies growing out of our compost in the past.

  4. Did you eat it? Did it taste good?


  5. It looks like a squat zucchini, if there was such a thing.

  6. Di, I haven't eaten it yet. I might try to bake it today; I haven't decided how best to cook the thing.

  7. I don't know what your mystery plant is either, Anita, but it has a sort of winter squash look to it. Seems like you'd have nothing to lose by scooping out the seeds and baking it like a winter squash with lots of butter on top. We, too, had a mystery squash last year. It had the skin and insides of a crookneck yellow squash, but it was completely round. I treated it like summer squash and it was pretty good, though a bit tough sometimes. The plants produced at an alarming rate all the way up to frost. Tom would take bags of them to work every day, leave them on the communal table, and run. We were curious just how big they would grow so we let a few grow unchecked. They got as big as pumpkins and actually looked sort of pumpkin-like, so maybe they were some weird, cross-pollinated hybrid.

    Anyway, I'll be interested to hear how yours turns out.

    Thank you, by the way, for your kind comment on my blog---it meant a lot. I liked what you said about my children being "steadfast and strong." That is exactly what I want for them.


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