Monday, July 05, 2010

Li'l Bambis

We have three fawns that are staying around our house this year. I know there are three because I have seen them all together, but I have not been able to shoot a picture of them in the same shot.

The other day one of them walked right up to my office window. I held my breath until it turned around and I could grab a camera without scaring it.

We have fenced out my flower beds with plastic netting fence. We left a single unfenced entrance by the deck.

About three weeks ago I went outside to look at a couple of does that were in the backyard. A fawn had gotten inside the fence and was resting in my flower bed! I startled it and it jumped up into the netting. I yelled for my husband, who ushered me inside to give the little thing time to calm down. When we ventured back out it had vanished. I did not have a camera to get a picture, alas.

They will be grown and big deer by this time next year.


  1. You are no longer allowed to go anywhere without your camera hanging around your neck anymore!! It's a bloggers #1 rule... LOL

    (Have not seen ANY fawn in our neighborhood yet this summer *sad face*)

  2. I never get to see deer around my home so when we go on vacation, it's such a treat to see them. I love your pictures! Deer are such gentle creatures.

  3. I still see the albino deer in the fields around my house. It's usually at dusk and they are too far away to get a good picture.

  4. Wonderful pictures, Anita. Such pretty little fawns.


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