Friday, July 23, 2010

Books: Runner

A Jane Whitefield Novel
By Thomas Perry
Read by Joyce Bean
14 hours
Copyright 2009

Jane Whitefield has a special talent: she makes people disappear. She gives people on the run the tools they need to create a new identity and a new life.

People who are in big trouble come to her. She helps.

Whitefield is like a superhero, almost, in that she takes on all comers and takes no prisoners. She is an impressive character with a lot of knowledge.

This is a return character for Perry, who had written Jane Whitefield books previously. I was unfamiliar with both the character and the author.

In this story, Whitefield, who five years earlier had retired from helping people disappear, is approached by a young pregnant woman, Christina, who is in trouble. Whitefield agrees to help her and the two leave New York to try to outwit and outrun the goons who are after Christina.

The goons are guns hired by Richard, the father of Christina's baby. He is a psycho who wants the baby because his parents (also rather nuts) want to take away Richard's birthright and inheritance unless he produces an heir.

This was a very engaging and interesting book to listen to. There are few books that I will continue to listen to in the car in the garage when I've finished my driving around, but this was one of them.


  1. Boy, am I out of it today. I clicked on your blog thinking it was Thursday Thirteen today... NOT. Guess I missed a day somewhere along the way this week.


  2. I missed Thursday Thirteen this week. Too many other things going on to think about it.


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