Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Today I thought I'd talk about food, strange foods I've eaten and favorite foods (mostly because I can't think of 13 strange foods).  You might notice that I crave sweets a lot.

1. Dough. I love raw cookie dough and cake batter mix, brownie mix, etc. But not when it is dry ingredients, but when it is done and ready for the pan. Licking the bowl and the beaters, as it were. I know one is not supposed to do this because the batter contains raw eggs, but this is one thing I still do. It makes me feel like a kid again.

2. Uncooked spaghetti. We don't eat a lot of spaghetti and since there are only two of us, we generally have raw spaghetti left over from a box because I don't cook it all at once. Before I discovered it was bad for my teeth, I loved to crunch the leftover raw spaghetti.

I read that some folks think you can get something called "pasta worms" from uncooked spaghetti. Anyone know if this is true, or is it a grandma myth?

3. Bologna and catsup sandwiches. When I was a teenager, I had this combination for breakfast every morning for a long time.

4. Strawberry cream cheese and celery. I have found this to be a great snack combination while dieting. My husband likes it, too.

5. Eggs and catsup. This is something I  usually do not have at home but will have when I have breakfast in a restaurant. I have always liked eggs and catsup. Maybe I just like catsup?

6. Root beer. A lot of people do not like root beer, but I do. I especially like that it is only 1 percent sodium, so if I want a sweet treat it doesn't affect my blood pressure. I prefer A & W brand will try others.

7. Zero bars. These are not chocolate candy bars but are white chocolate with a nougat in them. I don't know of anyone else who eats these but obviously someone does or the company would not make them.
8. Raw veggies from the garden. Raw peas, raw green beans, and raw squash are among my favorite raw vegetables. My husband thinks I'm nuts for eating things raw but they are really good without anything at all. I only eat them this way straight from my garden, though. Store bought things I cook because I don't know where they came from.

9. Strawberries. Or any kind of berry, really. Eating a good berry is like eating candy.

10. Teas. I suppose these aren't really foods, but I enjoy tea. I like herb teas, black teas, green teas, etc. Ginger teas when my tummy is hurting (from eating all this stuff, probably) always makes me feel better.

11. Bubblegum. This is not a food, either, but it is something I like. I am not supposed to chew gum because of TMJ but I sometimes do it anyway.

12. Icing. It has been a long time since I have done this, but there was a time when I bought cake icing and simply ate it straight from the container without cake. Fortunately I no longer do this. I think some people call this cake frosting.

13. Watermelon. It's almost summer and soon these will be affordable and will become a staple for a little while. Yummy!

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  1. I have never heard of the pasta worm before. That must be a myth from times when worm eggs could get into pasta easier than nowadays. I wouldn't think twice about it. Nice choice of foods.
    Happy Thursday!

  2. #7 brought back memories of my Daddy who absolutely adored Zero bars. He liked to freeze them in the summer and eat them like that. My son, who never really knew my Daddy because Daddy died when he was young, also loves Zero bars. Though he likes his unfrozen.

  3. Pasta worms? Dunno.


  4. Once I got this low-cal low-carb 'ice cream' that tasted just like the bowl from brownies. I snarfed it up and got really sick from all of the malitol. I'd do it again in a heartbeat :)

    Have a great day!

  5. I do #1 as well.

    With frosting, I found it is easier (and tastier) to make "extra" frosting when icing a cake and nibble on that.

    happy TT!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberrys. Strawberry season is always way to short for me.

  7. You do seem to like ketchup! I like cake batter and frosting as well--you're not alone there.

  8. I like ketchup on eggs sometimes too! I didn't think your 'strange' foods was terribly strange until I got to raw spaghetti. Got to admit that's definitely different! I never heard of spaghetti worms though. I wonder if it's like growing a watermelon in your belly from swallowing the seeds?

  9. Ketchup or salsa on eggs is about the only way I will eat eggs.

    My boys all like to sneak some dry spaghetti when I make it for dinner. It's only made from flour and water...I don't know how you'd get worms from that combination!

  10. I'm guilty of licking the bowl/spatula/beaters as well when baking. And while don't care for ketchup on eggs, I do like them with maple syrup. Mmmm...

  11. I still lick the beaters. One time, when I was pregnant, my mother caught me with the mixing bowl and took it away. If I could have, I'd have chased her through the house for it.

  12. I'm still working on that luscious carrot cake I got for my birthday.The frosting is cream cheese but very sweet and satisfying.

    I think I heard the grandma's warning about cookie dough and not spaghetti.

  13. The only two foods on your list I like are Zero bars and strawberries. Raw spaghetti? Ewww! Much more suited to use as a long match to light my stove than to munch on ;)

  14. Fascinating combination of foods you like! I've not heard of the pasta worm, but have known people who eat scrambled eggs with ketchup. My sympathies about TMJ.I have it, too, and I also love bubblegum.I enjoyed this personal side to you for T-13. When you swing by my place, I'll know what to serve you! :D

  15. I only like three foods on your list - strawberries, teas, and watermelon. I don't particularly like ketchup or very sweet things.

  16. And here I thought I was the only one who had canned frosting on her list of rarely eaten guilty pleasures.

  17. Love raw veggies, strawberries, teas and watermelon. Bologna and catsup....gross!

  18. I used to love fried bologna with mustard. Yum! I also eat raw cookie dough. When I can, I make it with Egg Beaters so I don't feel bad eating it raw. But even if the eggs are real, I can't help but eat it. I let my kids eat it too. Bad Mommy!

  19. I also love any berry.

    The catsup thing, I'm sorry, but I can't get with that Anita, lol. My daughter has been putting catsup on hot dogs (I don't know where she picked that up) and I can't even LOOK.


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