Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Brother, The Peacock

Recently I visited my brother at his house, which is about six miles away and is beside the farm where we grew up.

He has a thing for birds. He raises chickens, guineas, and peacocks.

This is the bird I believe he calls Othello. He has two males but I forget what he calls the younger one.

This is Othello pre-strut. It was growing dark and I had only my small (and old) Nikon Coolpix with me so the photos did not turn out as well as I would have liked.

I had never watched a peacock be, well, a peacock, before. Apparently it is not the brightly colored feathers that are the attraction for the female. No, it must be the plump little bottom, which shimmies and shakes as if in dire need of some great attention. I had never seen such a show.

And she, being female, paid him absolutely no attention!


  1. Sorry to say, I've only seen peacocks at the zoo.

    That female seems quite smart ignoring all that carrying on!

  2. Oh I love these birds! We love to camp at Fort Wilderness in Disney. A couple of years ago they had these birds running all through the park. Unfortunately, someone didn't like them and Disney moved them to a zoo. I miss them so! They are gorgeous!

  3. A wise lady peacock! Who needs a handsome stud anyway? Just give me a guy with brains and I'm a happy wife.


  4. Wow! What fun. Peacocks. I wonder if they're hard to raise. They sure are pretty.

  5. So funny how males are so "cocky." Peacocks amaze me.

  6. The last time I saw a peacock outside of a zoo, it was at, of all places, Cardiff Castle. It's amazing how they let them have the run of the place


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