Saturday, May 01, 2010

Revenge of the Locust

The locust trees are in full bloom here. Every tree has blossoms hanging from each twig. I don't know that I have ever seen the locust bloom so much.

I am, of course, highly allergic.

The tree in the yard in full bloom.

A little closer look!

Even closer!

Another locust tree on the other side of the fence all decked out in white finery.

What I wouldn't give for a good hard rain to knock those blooms away! Achoo!


  1. That's one tree we don't have in our yard. They're certainly pretty though. My eyes are itching today and no idea what's causing it other than David is mowing the lawn.. hmm, that may be the culprit.


  2. I've never before seen so many blooms on the locust trees around here. Or smelled their strong sweet smell before.

  3. Seems like everything has been full of blooms this year. We've had more pollen than I can remmber ever having. Add to that very little rain and April was a bad month for allergies.

  4. I guess you are about to get your rain. Hope you get some relief! Nice photos.

  5. We're fixing to get rain here, Anita, so hope you are, too! I'm really sorry about your allergies, but your pictures are lovely.

  6. They are extra strong here too. I can't take a walk without sneezing.


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