Friday, May 28, 2010

Look at them windows!

The window installers from Southwest Sunroom and Windows showed up at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday to replace 13 windows in my house.

The framing around the windows had darkened considerably on the exterior. The things leaked like sieves and definitely needed to be redone.

The shot above is the rear of the house exterior.

A closer view of the old window.

A little closer still!

By lunch time, the old windows had been ripped out and new windows put in place. It took three men about four hours to do everything but the exterior trim, which they finished that afternoon.

The windows on the exterior now have a creamy white colored trim.

I like the looks of it a lot. I think it gave the house more personality.

The house is an L-shaped ranch.

This is a picture of the rear with the new windows, like the first shot.

The windows are vinyl and are made by Gorell. We investigated the window brand and the installer as thoroughly as we could and, in the end, we were satisfied that this was the best deal for the money.

There are more expensive windows - we had quotes that were three times what we paid for this brand - but these have a good warranty and numerous thumbs up for being Energy Saver windows.

We'll see what happens to the electricity bill now.


  1. YAY... YES, what a difference the lighter colored trim makes. So glad you had this done and you will be too, but then you already know that.

    (Happy Memorial Day Week-End! Enjoy!)

  2. They look great and they were installed so quickly! Definitely let us know how you fare with the electrical bill.

  3. They do look very good! If you have some problems with the interior work, which I did when I had windows installed in my old house, don't hesitate to call them back. Because they didn't do a clean install, there was a great deal of leakage that I had to fix myself.

  4. It's so nice to have your home fixed up, isn't it?! The new windows look great and should help a lot with the heating bills.

  5. Those new windows look terrific.I agree about the lighter trim. They will bring more light to your home and life. Hopefully, the energy savings will show quickly. It's enjoyable to spruce up your home.

  6. Your new windows look great, Anita! I like the looks of the white trim, too...and I'll bet you'll especially like the looks of your electric bill next winter. :-)

  7. The new windows really dress up your house. We had new windows put in about 10 years ago and they really do make a difference in the electric bill. Enjoy!


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