Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Black Swan - Still Here!

The black swan appears to have taken up permanent residence on the farm.

I have been told by neighbors that occasionally s/he is joined by a white swan, but I have yet to see it.

Watching him/her at the pond makes me feel calm, but sad. I believe this bird is missing a mate, and that makes me want to cry.


  1. It looks as if the swan is in 'luxury housing' and enjoying it. Being dark and handsome with such nice digs, I bet it could have any mate it wants.

  2. Is it true that swans mate for life?
    As a general rule this is true. If a mate is lost then the surviving mate will go through a grieving process like humans do, after which it will either stay where it is on its own, fly off and find a new stretch of water to live on (where a new mate may fly in and join it) or fly off and re-join a flock.


  3. Swans are largely believed to be monogomous but there is some debate as to the actuality of it. According to, there is a 6% 'divorce rate' amongst black swans. Oddly enough though, they appear to be mostly in Australia.


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