Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

April Fool's! This is not my favorite day; I am too literal. But you jesters enjoy!

1. The most recent full moon is called the Full Worm Moon. This is because the ground is thawing and worms are showing up just in time for the robins to appear. Northern Native American tribes called this the Full Crow Moon, because you can hear their raucous noise now, or the Full Crust Moon, because the snow crusted over as it froze and thawed. Some call this the Full Sap Moon, because it is time to tap maple trees for syrup. It has also been called the Lenten Moon, last full moon of winter.

2. Many full moon names date back to Native Americans, who tracked the seasons by giving names to the full moons and using those names for the entire month thereafter. European settlers adopted the custom and in some cases created their own names.

3. In January, we see the Full Wolf Moon, so named because this is when the wolves howl. It is also called the Old Moon, Moon After Yule, or Full Snow Moon.

4. Full Snow Moon is seen in February, when there are usually the heaviest snows. This is also called the Full Hunger Moon (empty bellies).

5. In April we will see the Full Pink Moon, which comes from phlox, a spring flower. It is also sometimes called the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Full Fish Moon, because this is when shad swim upstream to spawn.

6. In May we will see Full Flower Moon, because those April showers brought those May flowers. Other names are the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.

7. In June we will see the Full Strawberry Moon (yum!) among Native Americans but in Europe they called it the Rose Moon.

8. In July we will see the Full Buck Moon, so named because this is when bucks begin to grow their antlers. It is sometimes called the Full Thunder Moon (for obvious reasons) or the Full Hay Moon.

9. In August we will see the Full Sturgeon Moon, because this is the best time to catch sturgeon. It is also called the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon.

10. September brings us the Full Corn Moon, because this is when corn is ready for harvest. This is also sometimes called the Harvest Moon.

11. The Full Harvest Moon is also the name of the moon in October. It has something to do with autumn equinox dates as to why this moon occurs in September or October.

12. In November, we will see the Full Beaver Moon, so called because this is the time to set beaver traps and bring in furs. This is sometimes called the Frosty Moon.

13. December brings the The Full Cold Moon, also called the Full Long Nights Moon or Moon Before Yule.

Thanks to my friend Inga for giving me the idea and information for this entry!

Lots of people play Thursday Thirteen. You can read about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is number 133!


  1. Phlox sounds lovely, and it's a new word to me. I'll google the image later. These are interesting full moon names. Wolf Moon conjures a spooky night in my mind. I love it; I like a good scare as long as I'm under the blankets :-)

  2. Thanks for reminding me about April Fools so I can be on the lookout for tricks.

    We put a community newsletter together here and name the moon every month. I knew some of these but usually we make up our own and change them every year.

    I remember admiring your work as a freelance writer before it opened up to me. It's a LOT of work and the pay isn't great but the satisfaction is and the pay does add up. I couldn't be more thrilled. Thanks for being a good model. I would check in with the paper you wrote for and see if they have changed their minds. Maybe something less regular.

  3. We had this amazing full moon the other night. I like the June full ones.

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. I had no idea the moon was called so many different names throughout the year. I usually complain when it's full because it shines in my bedroom window all night.

  5. Lots of interesting information.

    Happy TT!

  6. I always enjoy gazing at the full moon peeking through the crabapple tree in front of my living room window. It makes up for the usual boring view of the parking lot!

  7. I love the moon names. I only remember a handful of them though.
    I knew a girl in college whose name was Harvest Moon. I thought she had the best name ever, but I'm a hippie like that. ;)

  8. My dh has a moon calender with a lot of this on it. The other day I went to see when a holiday would be coming up (St. Patrick's? Something like that) and it wasn't there! The calender ONLY has the days and stuff about the moon. It's like ended up reading the dictionary when you go to look up one word, but I'll stick with my office calender.

  9. I am mooning over this post. My blog used to be named "Shadows in the Moonlight."

    Although I read a lot, this contains gobs of new info. Thanks! Happy TT.

  10. Very interesting. I had never heard of the Worm Moon until the other day.

  11. I can't remember ever being the victim of an April Fool's joke. Cool info on the moon.

  12. I love the names for the full moons. I can't keep them all straight; I wish we used them more frequently. Then I'd be able to remember which happens when.

  13. Full Worm Moon.....ewwwww I have a fear of worms. Now I am going to be looking for them everywhere.


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