Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Books: Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart
By Jane Lindskold
Copyright 2002
754 pages

The second installment in Lindskold's book about Firekeeper, the young girl raised by wolves in a land of enchantment, is a good sequel.

The story picks up where the first left off. Three enchanted objects have been stolen from Bright Bay, the kingdom newly-aligned with Hawk Haven. Firekeeper is summoned to a council of Royal Beasts, who give her history and background that was missing in the first book.

Firekeeper's friends, Derian, Elaine, and the doctor, stumble across clues that send them all off on a merry chase into a new realm as they seek out not only the enchanted objects but also a mysterious cousin who shown herself a proven evil in book one.

There is much political intrigue in Lindskold's storytelling, and she breathes life into entertaining and unique characters. Firekeeper's growing up and finding her human self; book three, on my shelf awaiting my attention, should prove interesting.

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