Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Books: Dance Upon the Air

Dance Upon the Air
By Nora Roberts
Read by Sandra Burr
Copyright 2001

Nora Roberts hits another homerun with this trilogy. Dance Upon the Air is the first book and I will be looking for the next two for sure.

Nell Channing has fled an abusive husband. She's run as far as possible - all the way to the other coast of the U.S. She ends up on Three Sisters Island, reputed to have been created from the sea by three witches during the Salem Witch Trials.

She meets Mia, a bookstore/cafe owner who gives her a job and a place to live. The energy between the two gives Mia, an established witch, an indication of the power Nell does not know she possesses.

Zach is the local sheriff. Nell is wary of him at first, for her flight from the west coast involved false information, faking her own death, and doing everything in her power to leave no trail. Eventually, though, sparks fly and romance begins.

Ripley, Zach's sister, also has a power of her own. Together the three women form an incarnation of the Three Sisters. Will they be able to work together to break a prophecy of doom?

Well-read with a strong plot. The character development was excellent.

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