Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Things in my to-do box. I do accomplish things, really, I do!

1. Finish my a booklet or small book on Cloverdale. It's practically done, I just need to write a few more little pieces and then decide how I want to publish it.

2. Do the same thing with information I have on Blue Ridge.

3. Go through all of my old poems. Some of them I will then send out or submit to contests. Some I will throw away. Some I will refile.

4. Go through all my old journals. I strongly suspect I will throw away a lot of this. Some of it may be worth keeping, though.

5. Genealogy research on my husband's family and my family. I must purchase software for that, too. Any recommendations?

6. Do something with an "how to write effective emails" presentation that I created but haven't yet figured out how to market.

7. Write some keyword articles for a client.

8. Finish up an assigned article for The Fincastle Herald.

9. Tear down the wallpaper in the kitchen and paint the wall.

This wallpaper has been up for at 15 years. Some of it is peeling from the wall. I am ready for a new look.

10. Put up wallpaper on the back part of the built-in bookshelves in the living room.

These bookshelves are dark and I think they would look better if they were lighter. We don't paint woodwork so I have decided I could cover the back part with something light. I've had the wallpaper here for this project for oh, I dunno, seven years?

11. Paint the spare bathroom. It hasn't been painted since 1987. The paint has held up pretty well, but it's just the two of us so there is no reason for it not to.

12. Read those 56 books that are in my "to read" pile(s).

All of these book are awaiting my attention.

13. Write a novel, which has been on my to-do list ever since I knew what a novel was. I am starting to think it ain't never gonna happen.

Lots of people play Thursday Thirteen. You can read about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is number 129!


  1. 14: Finish that fascinating story in the previous post.

  2. Wow you are a busy woman. I don't feel I've completed much lately so I'm ending my comments!

  3. Every time I think I'm knocking out my list, it gets even longer...

  4. life is never boring for you or me I see sandy

  5. Sounds like you better get busy. You have a lot to do today!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  6. the thing with writing is that in all other endeavors it is "Get off your lazy butt and do something!" For Writing it is "Get ON your lazy butt and do something."

    Good luck.

  7. At this rate the wall paper will all be yellowed before you can even get it installed.

  8. Alice, I think you're right! Except fortunately the rolls for the bookcases are still in plastic. I wonder if they will oxidize when I finally open them? LOL.

    Briar, I think that might be a short story in the making. You know I have trouble finishing the things I start.

  9. Does your local library offer HeritageQuest or Ancestry? Those are the two most popular Geneaology databases I know of.

    As for the rest, imagine me with pom poms cheering you on.

  10. I'd KILL for a TBR pile with only 56 books in it! Mine's ... quite a bit larger, to my chagrin. And yes, getting through this pile is VERY high on my To Do list!

  11. That is a pretty high standard list! So much revolves around the written word.

  12. Your to-read looks about like mine! Great post!

  13. Have fun ! there is quiet a lot to do, lol !

  14. Wow---a very ambitious list! #12 would definitely be my favorite task. Good luck!

    (I like the firefighter figurines.)

  15. Plenty there done - and some to do! Out of interest: why don't you paint woodwork?

  16. On that genealogy software, my cousin swears by Family Tree Maker. I have started rummaging around in


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