Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Growing Cactus

The other day I bought a "learning" kit at the hardware store so I could grow cactus.

I know, I am weird. But I have always liked cactus. And I really like to watch things grow. And I know stuff will be growing outside soon enough but with my allergies acting up I will have to be careful out there.

I did not know cactus grew from a seed, so this was indeed a learning adventure. I had never really thought about it, to be honest.

The kit came with dehydrated dirt, which took much longer than the five minutes it claimed on the instructions to turn into anything resembling "real" dirt. The dehydrated dirt came in a little patty that you placed in the little flower pot. Supposedly then 2 teaspoons of water and five minutes later, you have dirt, but it took a lot more water and a lot more time, along with some stirring of dirt with a finger, to get that dehydrated dirt to fluff out.

The instructions said 3 seeds to a pot, but it didn't say how deep or anything. Hmm.

Once you plant the seeds, you put the pot in this plastic thing to create a green house effect and sit it in the sun. Unfortunately I don't have a single window in this house that gets good sun, so we'll see how it goes.

I'll let you know if they grow.


  1. Those are some cute pots! I had no idea cactus grew that way either. My mother in law loves cactus and has several on her window sill in the kitchen and in her dining room.

    Can't wait to see how yours grow. It's so nice to see something growing now, after such a cold winter.

  2. There is a house down the street from us that has some cactus in his front yard. I 'think' they may be prickly pear or something similar to. It's always struck me as odd that someone in Virginia would have cacti in their front yard having come from Arizona where you expected to see them. I have a photo of them somewhere in the vast chasms of my photo files on this computer.


  3. Interesting. I have 2 little pitiful looking cacti my son bought for me for Mother's Day at Lowe's while we were vacationing. I was pregnant with my daughter so they will be 13 years this May.

  4. Oh, please do keep up posted on how they grow!

  5. I wonder if Aloe Vera grows from seed.

  6. I used to like cactus until my daughter grabbed one when she was a toddler at the front of Wal-Mart. There were hundreds of those fine spiny things sticking out of her hand. We used duct tape to remove many of them. I made Wal-Mart move the cactus plants higher so other kids couldn't get hurt.

    Next time we had a cactus my husband's uncle brought us one from AZ. My husband planted it outside the shop and it got huge. I made him take it down because I was afraid of one of our customers getting hurt.

    Cactus does pretty good here in Virginia...good luck with yours.


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