Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Blog Award

Alice Audrey over at Alice's Restaurant gave me this blog award, for which I thank her.

Alice is a Thursday Thirteen participant and so we visit one another weekly.

I truly have no idea what an "Honest Scrap" award is. Am I a scrapper in my writing? Do I hammer home my points (based on the visual in the award). Do I have thick arm muscles?

There are rules about these things, and here are the ones for this award:

Honest Scrap

You are supposed to nominate seven other bloggers for it, who can then do with it
what they will. The other portion of your assignment is to blog ten little known and interesting facts about yourself.

I am just going to say if you think you're an honest scrapper and you'd like this award, please take it! Instead of nominating anyone I am simply going to shout out to some of my favorite blogs. There's June over at Spatter, Colleen over at Loose Leaf Notes, Amy at Virginia Scribe, Becky at Peevish Pen, Diane at Blue Ridge Gal, Ginger at landuvmilknhoney, Beth at Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl, and Lenora at Journal of Days. Check any of them out if you're looking for interesting reading.

Now for the important part. Those 10 facts.

1. My hair is brown and gray. I started going gray in my 20s. I do not call the color "gray" when I speak of it but instead consider it a "soft white." You know, like a light bulb.

2. My eyes are hazel. Sometimes they are blue. Sometimes they are green. Sometimes they are gray. Once someone told my eyes looked like cracked ice.

3. I have a scar on my chest that is 4 inches long (I just measured it). When I was in school, I used to be sure my gym teacher saw the scar. Then, if I didn't feel like running or whatever, I would simply lay my hands over my chest and say I didn't feel well. I was always automatically excused. I knew they thought I'd had some kind of heart surgery even though I would never lie and call it that. It wasn't heart surgery. I had a huge mole removed from my chest when I was five years old. If they'd asked I would have told them but they never did.

4. I would be better off today if I hadn't lain out of gym class so often when I was younger. This is a fact.

5. I knew from the first grade that I would be a writer.

6. In the second grade I was the best reader but the teacher would not give me an A because I did not read with inflection in my voice. She embarrassed me in front of the class by telling me this was why I did not get a better grade, and then demonstrated it by reading in a monotone and making the class laugh.

7. I used to chew my fingernails very badly. Now I just keep them clipped back very short. Occasionally, particularly when I am reading, I might still take a chomp.

8. I grind my teeth at night.

9. I once started to write a book on Mary Johnston but when I went to do the research, I discovered I was severely allergic to the boxes of her papers at the University of Virginia Library. I abandoned the project.

10. I do not have a favorite book or a favorite author.


  1. I am surprised to be included in this fine list since Spatter of late is mostly photos and not much in the way of writing/talking. Thanks so much!

  2. Congratulations on your award, Anita---it is well-deserved. I wonder if perhaps "Honest Scrap" means you write in a straightforward and honest way---not afraid of the truth. I think you do, and Lord knows, we need that.

    Thank you so much for the shout-out. I'm honored. And the feeling is mutual.

  3. Well, June, I like your blog and I know where you stand on things, somehow, so you must have said something sometime!


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