Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Big 9-0

Today my Grandmother B., who lives in California, turns 90!

That is old. But not so old to me as it used to be. These days 90 looks pretty young!

Grandma was born in West Virginia. She married my grandfather Joe (he died in 1989) young and they had three boys - Ken, Jerry and my father - and a girl, Elizabeth. Eventually the family moved to Salem, VA, somewhere about 1960. They lived in the house behind my maternal grandmother off East Riverside Drive.

In 1963, not long after I was born, they left for California. My father stayed behind while everyone else headed west.

As a result, I did not see much of my grandparents and really do not know my father's side of the family. I talk to my grandmother frequently on the phone but it is a rather one-sided conversation because she cannot hear well.

However, at 90, she seems to be doing okay. She still lives alone. Uncle Ken lives a few houses away and he looks in on her everyday. She has a cleaning woman come in to take care of things. I think she still cooks but she told me on the phone yesterday that she thought it was time she gave that up because her poor vision did not allow her to read the recipes.

So happy birthday, Grandma B! I hope that whatever years you have left are good ones.


  1. We all hope to be so independent. Happy Birthday to her!!

  2. Wow! Wondering if her children live nearby to help her celebrate this new decade.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Di, they are having a party for her today. My father flew out to join the celebration.

  4. I hope she has an enjoyable birthday and that she has many more. Glad she is able to live at home.

  5. 90 is like the new 70! I was watching some show today and the father was 90...dang he looked good and was sharp as a tack. My grandmother will be turning 100next year. I don't know how she's doing because she lives with the aunt that "banned" me from the family and won't let me talk with her, but if God listens to my prayers she'll be around to 110! Happy Birthday to your grandma...

  6. What a blessing. You are so lucky to have her for so long, even though you are far apart.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Grandma B. How wonderful that her mind is still so sharp and that she's able to live on her own!

  8. Happy Birthday to your grandma! She sounds so sweet. Here is to many more!

  9. Despite that she can't hear you well, it's still a blessing that she's still around. There's not a day that goes by that I don't still miss my grandpa, 31 years later.


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