Monday, February 15, 2010

Ugly Snow

After the snow has been around a while, it starts looking pretty ugly.

A big pile of dirty snow by the driveway.

Piles of snow in the backyard. My husband scooped away some of it, pushing it into the yard, because we are expecting more snow and there is no where to put it.

Mounds of dirty snow and a driveway still slick with ice.

See how it is all piled up? It will be here until March!

Poor deer are having to find their grass where they can. They will be skinny in the spring and could have sickly fawns from lack of food this winter.


  1. If it's dirty there, I can just imagine what DC is going to look like!

  2. All the parking lots around here have massive piles of dirty snow that never seem to melt. They just get bigger and dirtier. And, of course, our driveway is a mucky mess of miry mud. And more snow expected today...

  3. I'm two counties from you and it's the same here. I'm so tired of snow (and it's snowing AGAIN!!! as I type this).

  4. I hear ya! I don't think I've ever looked forward to spring as much as I have this winter. Allergies and all!

  5. I just noticed the dirty snow myself today. It's mostly on the sides of the roads, but it reminds me of that ugly phase we go through between winter and spring, before everything gets green again.

    Though with this much snow (it's snowing here again, another 3 to 6 inches by tomorrow), I'm wondering if we are going to skip summer this year and go right to fall!

  6. Our 3-6 inches did not happen. We had a few flurries but hardly measurable. You have so much more snow on the ground than we do. Amazing!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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