Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nonfiction Books

Women Who Worry Too Much
By Holly Hazlett-Stevens, Ph.D.
Copyright 2005
168 pages

The Blood Pressure Cure
by Robert E. Kowalski
Copyright 2007
304 pages

These are two nonfiction books I've delved into over the holidays. Nothing like a little "light" reading, eh?

The first book was a present from Santa, who apparently thinks I spend too much time contemplating impossible endings to situations, aka as worry. The book offers a hands-on method for dealing with worry. Identify the worry, determine the absolute worst outcome, find ways to stop avoidance behaviors, and other ways to clear your head are among the techniques the author explores. Living in the present, known as mindfulness, is highly touted.

The second book I bought in hopes of controlling my blood pressure. I am doing all the right things, mostly, but this was a good reinforcement for my behavior. The book advocates five "secret weapons" that are supposed to help with blood pressure. These are arginine,which is an amino acid, grape seed extract, tomato extract, pycnogenol, (which frankly I never did understand), and cocoa (but not milk chocolate; pure cocoa).

Also, lose weight, don't smoke, eat your fruits and veggies, etc.

After this heavy reading, I'm ready for a little fiction!


  1. That is some serious reading!

    I think women by natural are worriers. I don't know one that doesn't. But it doesn't hurt to try to curb it a bit, I guess.

    I have the ole HBP too. Mine, apparently, is hereditary. I've tried almost everything they recommend and still it's high. Grrrr! I hope you have better luck. Sounds like that book has some good ideas.

  2. I'm curious to know how the blood pressure remedy works if you try it.


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