Saturday, January 02, 2010

A New Day

This morning I watched last year's leaves dance and twist as they skittered across the frozen, snowy field in front of the house.

Two deer moved briskly along the fence line, their fur bristling from the brisk wind. I envisioned chill bumps along their backs as they headed for the skimpy shelter of the cedar trees and thought it an act of Providence that they generally give birth in the spring. A fawn would not easily withstand these frigid days.

The sun moved hesitantly in and out between the clouds and I wished he would stay put a while. The idea of warm loving rays heating up the area around my windows was a welcome one.

The old windows in the house leak so that I could feel a draft across my chest while I tried to work a little at the computer. My hands around the window seals found spaces where the cold air poured in. This despite attempts this fall to seal the things up so we could get another year or two out of them. I thought of my electric bill (we heat with electric) and felt the dollar signs in my gut.

A calm settled over me as I greeted the second day of the new year; I have found myself looking forward to 2010 with an optimism that is almost foreign. New beginnings or just acceptance?

Either way, the world is okay even on a cold, windy gray day, and I feel at peace.


  1. I feel the same way about 2010...don't know why, it's just a gut thing. I got those same drafts too!

  2. Our house is newer than yours so we don't have the air leaks around the windows, but glass is simply a great conductor of cold. We have noticed a HUGE difference in our electric bill this year just by putting up heavier curtains. It would sure be a quick , easy and cheap fix for you, Anita until you can replace the windows. (Just a thought) *smiles and waves hello*

    AND.... curtains are on sale!! Just check around.


  3. I think it is cold everywhere!
    I believe a lot of people are feeling a sense of optimism as we begin a new year and a new decade. Somehow we survived the crises of the last decade - we can face whatever the new decade brings.

  4. What a lovely sentiment - peaceful start to the year seems sensible.

  5. Me too, Miss Anita. I feel good about 2010 and look forward to some warmer weather!

  6. A reflective post with a window into your thoughts. Reminds me of the one I just posted.


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