Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My fudge is better

About two weeks ago, my husband and I did a quick shopping expedition that took us to Salem.

I don't shop Salem much and seldom get there, even though it is just a 1/2 hour drive away down the interstate.

At any rate, at the Lakeside strip center, there is a fudge and candy store. I think it is fairly new.

We went in and looked around. I started to buy some rock candy on a stick but each piece was not individually wrapped and it was in a big container where little hands could be stuck down and the candy fingered. So I decided to forgo that even though I do like rock candy on occasion.

The store was offering "buy one pound get the second pound for 1/2 price" thing going so, thinking I would take some of the fudge as a hostess gift and perhaps give some away (and eat a little too) we picked out several different kinds.

The fudge still sits in my refrigerator, because, alas, it is not good. Each flavor we nibbled at was very dry and frankly, tasteless. We were very disappointed. It is so bad that I decided not to give it away. I am not sure, truthfully, what I will do with it because I don't think at this point that we will eat it.

Every year I make about 15 pounds of fudge. I give it to friends and relatives, business associates - pretty much anyone who wants it. Some of it has nuts and some of it doesn't. It is all basically Fantasy Fudge, made with marshmallow creme and semi-sweet chocolate chips, with some derivations. Sometimes I cut the sugar and use white chocolate or butterscotch or whatever, but regardless, it comes out smooth, rich and creamy.

I make better fudge than what they were selling at this store by a long shot.


  1. I would have returned it. David makes the Fantasy Fudge too and it's GREAT!


  2. Strange, I don't really like fudge or rock candy but I buy it anyway. Where I grew up on the Jersey Shore, it was all over the place.

    Wow Anita, maybe YOU ought to open up a candy shop!

  3. Between your fudge and the rotisserie chicken I just saw on another blog, I'm getting very hungry.

  4. Mmmm...that Fantasy Fudge sounds...well...fantastic! I don't mean to sound immodest, but I've never bought a cookie, even in a fancy bakery, that tastes as good as mine. I give them away as gifts, too.

  5. Oh, another recipe for me to try!! Yeah!

    I have made fudge only once. I'm just not a big fan of it. But I usually buy it on vacation in Williamsburg where they have a shop with dozens of flavors.

    I second the idea that you should sell yours!

  6. That fudge sounds delicious - I'm going to try that recipe.


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