Monday, December 07, 2009

Decking the Halls 2009

We put up decorations and the Christmas tree up on Wednesday night, just prior to our annual tradition of watching Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It isn't Christmas without Rudolph around here.

The angel watches over our household during the holy days. We purchased her at Myrtle Beach about 10 years ago. We remember the reason for the season.

But it's also a good time for fun. I collect Santa Mouse and my mother-in-law gave me these. They were very old; she's had them a long time.

Members of the stuffed animal section of my Santa Mouse collection.

Some of my sitty-around items.

This is the tree! It has a firefighter's theme this year. I can't imagine why.


  1. I like old Christmas tree ornaments and decor. They hold such memories for a family.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Isn't it fun to pull all the decorations out each year and think of all the memories attached to each item?

  3. Your mice are so cute! It's fun to get the decorations out and remember the stories that go with them. That's a pretty tree!

  4. Well, the good part about being temporarily unemployed and writing your book Anita is that you have more time to decorate and really take your time and enjoy it!

    My tree has a cowboy theme. Rope garland, Texas stars, many horse ornaments.

  5. I've never seen Santa mice. (Where have I been?) They are the cutest things!

  6. I remember somebody in the family with santa mice. I love those cuties!

  7. Put my five minute tree up yeserday. Dang, it has no smell!

  8. AAAAA! I have the same angel that I bought at Christmas Mouse in Myrtle Beach about the same time! But I'm having tree trouble and she broke this year - sigh. Shannon had to run out to Walmart yesterday and get a new one. She's pretty but she isn't like the old one!


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