Sunday, December 27, 2009

Books: The Sunday Wife

The Sunday Wife
By Cassandra King
509 pages
Copyright 2002

I have read Cassandra King's later works and enjoyed them; obviously she has improved as she's gone along.

This book did not keep my interest. I had trouble relating to the heroine, Dean, and that kept me from enjoying the book.

Dean is a preacher's wife but a rather unconventional one who has truly made a bad marriage and who can't move beyond it. Her husband, Ben, comes across as a caricature of a man as well as a preacher and I found that difficult, too.

The lead character could have been likable but her distaste of her husband, religion and life in general bled through so badly that I never sympathized with her. Her husband, to be sure, was not the nicest fellow but instead of standing up to him she was just basically just as much of a weasel about it as he was. They are both very passive aggressive characters.

Other characters in the book, while rather true to life, were also somewhat stereotypical.

Dean makes friends with Augusta, who is one of the local rich women. Augusta has a lot of personal issues and I found her a more sympathetic character even though the reader never got to know her that well.

Not a bad book for a snow-day if it's all you have in the house, but stick with King's later works for stories with a bit more zing and better characters.

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  1. I read this book several years ago after my friend recommended it. Cassandra King came to a book signing at a small independent bookstore and ended up going out to have dessert with my friend and others. Honestly I don't remember a lot about the book. I have a very bad habit of reading too quickly without much retention. I'm working on re-training myself. So far I've found reading on my iPod Touch with books bought thru Kindle help. I only see a small piece of text. I'm considering a Kindle reader in the future - much more than you probably wanted to know!


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