Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Today, I offer up 13 things I have purchased recently.

1. Weatherstripping. My husband built this house for us (really, with his own two hands!) in 1987. The windows really need to be replaced but that's expensive. So we bought weatherstripping in hopes of tightening them up.

2. A chuck roast. I purchased this yesterday at the supermarket, which had them marked down dramatically (from $12.30 to $6.70). We will have it on Saturday.

3. A candy bar. Okay, okay. I shouldn't be eating them at all. I had gone since September 10 without one while I try to diet. I've lost four pounds. It was a bad, but very tasty, reward.

4. Decaf Irish breakfast tea. I have a hard time finding this around here but ran across some in Roanoke at Ukrop's. Unfortunately that store is going out of business, so this may be the last of decaf Irish breakfast tea for a while.

5. A domain name. I am not in the habit of spending $10 for domains, but I recently made a purchase. When the site is active I'll share. I also renewed my husband's website, Septic Tank Advisor. Amazing.

6. Shoe inserts. These aren't for me but for my husband, who has started having trouble with his heel spur again. I will share that back in September when I was at the beach I bought inserts that have been very helpful for my plantar faciitis. You can find them online at Check them out if you have that particular problem. The website says it is also good for heel spurs, Morton's neuroma and other feet issues.

7. Copy paper. Because that is what I use in the printer.

8. The Print Shop Deluxe Version 23. I found this on sale for nearly nothing at Best Buy and bought it in hopes of using it as a photo editor. It is okay but not quite what I was looking for. It will do for a while.

9. Entrepreneur magazine. I don't normally buy this, but I saw it in the store and thought hey, maybe there's a new career for me in between those pages. There wasn't, but it was an interesting magazine.

10. Extra sugar free gum. I don't like to chew this but it's been helpful with my diet.

11. Christmas presents. Yes, I do my shopping early.

12. Lunch. Well, I do have to eat, don't I?

13. Flounder. It's my new and improved "eat fish" effort.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is number 110!


  1. I hate when I lose a few pounds and immediately want to reward myself. uurrrggghhh

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Dieting is so much fun, especially around Thanks giving and Christmas. Good luck to you. Happy T13!

  3. I found some old-timey aspartame-free gum in the Floyd Country Store but it's awful. The taste runs out so fast and doesn't have much snapping power.

    I like this collage of items. They tell a story of your life.

    PS Your score was great for a first try. I got something close but was able to bring it to 345 with practice and luck.

  4. Even when I'm making them I refuse to think about Christmas presents until after Thanksgiving.

  5. Excellent deal on the chuck roast, and as for the candy bar - it's good to reward yourself sometimes.

    I really need to get going on my Christmas presents...

  6. Happy 110th TT! Wow, that is a lot of new ideas to come up with!

    You lost four pounds! That is great. A small reward isn't going to harm all that much.

  7. Oh, ups drops things off at my house, they just won't pick up without a $10. charge!
    I'm glad you're on your own economic recovery shopping trip, I need weatherstripping & plastic for our loose windows here too, it always seems as though as soon as I put up the plastic, it gets warm again. (They're calling for 81 tomorrow, maybe I've out-waited it this year)

  8. So long as it doesn't become a habit, I see nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a little cheat on your diet.

    Take care of your tootsies, too -- don't forget to stretch them! (It feels Soooooo goooooood)

  9. The chocolate does call out to us...but I think it is okay if you only splurge occasionally! I'm impressed with the Christmas presents-I don't start until after Thanksgiving most years (read "after Thanksgiving" as "the week before Christmas", I know, shameful!)

    Happy TT, thanks for stopping by mine!

  10. I too shed a couple of pounds, mostly by eliminating the sugar and extra carbs. (I am a carboholic)
    We had flounder this week and it was delicious.
    #11. You go!

  11. I want some chuck roast. One of my favorite things!

  12. I've been buying a lot of things lately too! Books and clothes and a new netbook. All necessities! ;)

    At least most of your buys are more practical than mine! =)


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