Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haunted Fincastle

The old jail in Fincastle. It surely must have a ghost or two.

Saturday night my husband and I went on the Fincastle Ghost Walk. Central Academy Middle School students hosted the event as a fundraiser.

I have been on this ghost walk several times, always before as a reporter for the paper. This year I was just a person!

The walk took in the ghosts at the Courthouse, the ghost at the Hayth Hotel, a story about an old woman who died the middle of the road on Back Street, the Kyle House, which is reportedly haunted by a number of ghosts, the Godwin Cemetery, The Figgat House (the Tuckers' current residence - Terry did a great job as the ghost) and the Douglas Building.

I took pictures but most of them did not come out. I also didn't get any weird orbs or anything like that. Too bad!

Above is a bad shot of the rear of the Methodist Church from the cemetery. I am not sure what those blue lights are...

I leave you with a version of my favorite of the stories we heard:

A fiddler went up into Kelly's Hollow on his way to New Castle and stopped for a drink. The farmer invited the fiddler to spend the evening with him, since it is a long journey by foot.

The farmer told the fiddler about a secret cave he had on his property. The next morning the fiddler asked if he could see the cave.

The opening was small but they crawled in and found a huge cavern with many winding passageways leading away from it. "I wonder how my fiddle would sound in here," the fiddler said. He opened up his instrument case, put the fiddle to his chin, and began to play.

The echoes of the music were astoundingly beautiful and he played for hours. He began moving around while he played and soon vanished down a passageway. The farmer called for the fiddler to return, but he did not.

Finally the farmer left the cave and ran for help. Searchers turned out and began looking for the fiddler. Sometimes they could hear the sounds of his instrument but they could never find him. After three days they no longer heard the noises and they gave up.

But now late in the evenings when the wind is just right, travelers on the way to Kelly Hollow can hear the dancing tunes of the fiddler as he makes his way through the cave passages...


  1. Oooh, orbs creep me out... LOL Have had some in my house on photographs taken... all else that's needed is the sound of a clanking chain and I'm outta here!

  2. Spooky! I love a good ghost story.

  3. I've never been on a ghost walk, but it sounds like fun. That old jail looks like it should have some ghosts.

  4. I really wanted to go on this and completely forgot! I enjoyed your recap and that top photo of the jail looks spooky!


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