Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just waiting on a friend

Yesterday was a local bloggers meet-up day at Frank's Pizza on Alt. US 220. The event had been arranged by Diane over at Blue Ridge Gal.

The day proved terribly rainy and nasty. I had a sore throat and hadn't felt well for several days, but I had promised I would go. A promise made is a promise kept as far as I am concerned, and since my allergy issues didn't have me abed (and I knew I had nothing contagious) I went off to meet the other bloggers.

Diane was waiting when I arrived. Just Diane. No one else showed, which was too bad for them.

Diane looked spiffy at the bloggers meet-up.

Undaunted, we had pizza and laughs and chats and just generally enjoyed each other's company for an hour or so.

She had brought two items for door prizes, a great set of baskets and a lovely little bouquet of flowers. She insisted I take them home with me, since my name would have been the only one in the drawing.

Don't these look lovely on my mantle? Just what I needed for my Autumn decor!

One of the smaller baskets I have already put to use as a holder for my various notepads by my desk telephone. I am always reaching for something to write on and keep a lot of paper laying around. It now looks nice and neat!

Thanks Diane!

She says she is going to do another bloggers meet-up in October. I hope this time some of you can make it.


  1. I must apologize. My mom had knee surgery last Monday, so I've been playing nurse all week. I ended up sleeping late. Then the weather killed any desire I had to go out. Please forgive my lack of attendance. =(

  2. My name is mud. I completely FORGOT! I neglected to write it on the calendar because I was trying to move an appointment. I am SO SORRY.

  3. Perhaps the third time will be the charm :-)

  4. ah well - nice baskets.. At least you guys got to chat.


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