Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Books: Heir to Sevenwaters

Heir to Sevenwaters
By Juliet Marillier
Copyright 2008
395 pages

Marillier again visits Sevenwaters and dips into mythology for this addition to her Sevenwaters trio (making it her fourth Sevenwaters book).

I was very much reminded of her first book, Daughter of the Forest, as I read. The lead character, a plucky and determined lass, was very similar in nature. She would endure and take care of her family, no matter what.

The story dealt with the changeling myth in that her young brother was swapped out for a living tree trunk, which others saw as a mannequin but which Clodagh saw as an infant.

There is of course a love interest, an aloof and proud warrior, who ultimately goes along for the adventure as Clodagh journeys to other worlds to save her sibling. In a nice twist, the son she was saving turned out to be different from her original intentions; I'll say no more.

Marillier is very good with descriptions, character growth, and lot. The story fairly skips along and this is not a book in which I skim paragraphs. Rather, this is a story I drank in, sort of like savoring a smoky wine.

I have now read all of the Sevenwaters books by this author and I suspect I will not be adverse to picking up other works.

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