Friday, August 14, 2009

Farm Tour 2009, Part 3

The last stop on the farm tour last Friday was the Jeter Farm.

This farm is located on US 460 and many of you have probably seen this big red barn on the side of the highway. It was built in 1871.

Below is our host, Ned Jeter. He farms the land with his sons. They have 400 cattle and a vegetable operation. They have 370+ acres around their house and then rent acreage all down the highway.

We had lunch here, sandwiches provided by Bellacino's. Most of the folks then went on a hay ride. I chose to stay in the shade and drink lemonade since I am allergic to hay and it was hot.

Below is my cousin Trudy (on the right) and her mother, Mrs. Lee. Trudy's father was my grandfather's first cousin. I am not sure what that makes us, something like 1st cousin twice removed I guess. We went to school together.

This ol' hound dog made a fool of himself over potato chips. Dreama K. and I had a good laugh as we watched him.

The bus driver (below) and I chatted for a while as we waited on the hay riders to return. He has been driving buses forever and told me that until he retired he always had to work weekends and holidays and take his vacation in the wintertime.

And this is my friend Meg. Without her, I would not have made the farm tour!

And that's the end of the farm tour.

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  1. I covet the color of Met's hair. So pretty!

    Darn hay allergies.



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